Names beyond titles

It’s moments like these I always feel like there is some sort of immense symbolism I should be respecting within myself.

It’s June 26th, 12:16 AM. I am alone aside from two family dogs who are sleeping somewhere nearby. The family is away, and only away for a reason, a good one.

I feel like I should have something to say, but I don’t really, because I am just holding out for the same safety that we’ve been afforded all along. I write to nobody in particular, but June 26th is a pretty important day to a dozen or a half, perhaps a dozen and a half, or one half and six of another… regardless, the moment is still in development.

What to do. The music is ominously eerie, the sounds are dissipated and all there is to notice is the tapping of these keys on this computer. It stirred one of the dogs, and I decide that I need some blue light. Daniel, Shalysa, and what I have temporarily termed my alibi, you will seemingly have more than just me in common.

I am reminded of the scene in the movie Rent, Christmas eve. A bohemian revolution, a party – after party – after riot – caused a riot – terms.

I will post a writing about Memory.


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