Sure could be

Worse? Perhaps. Toss, tululaugh,

Missed connection, divine invention,

There’s more you can do than bite two~ catch. Fetch it, find the door, renown a jacket with a shoe to the right, miss-stepped, touched, looked, non-blight. Lie for air, breathe, open up,

Quest. Mission of biligerence, undrunk, backwards thought, paying less to lessen more (lesson) what? Turn it, criss cross butter sauce I predict my mind unhint,

What delusion, yours? Framed, it’s bought. I tried, now bitter, will it get done for you in time, my love language… you don’t care to understand, I don’t understand how to care.

Barrier – death – impulsive implicated design. I had no choice, it wasn’t mine – I live in shell – reflected magic~ if only…


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