It’s a Sunny Afternoon

I was outside, wandered, felt a weird pull to the bank. Took out $5. Wished I had more, thought I should decline the transaction from the ATM, that is to say I’m not sure where $5 went. $9.02 for two Samosa burgers.

At the library my friend saw a comic book, I saw, then we saught another, wonder woman, trigger, then a lapse and finally home.

Wondering if I should head outside into the foray again, I have 3:31 on the clock and maybe enough time and patience… without a trigger I hope for a few more minutes.

Really, I sit here at the door with the dog waiting for guests to a family home. A little regret. I have an article for her birthday, I’ll post it on the 6th.

Hope you are having a good afternoon. You, you, yes, you. Yeah…. yo. Time to choose lol I think someone is here…

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