A strange sort of fear

I’ve been experiencing immense deja vu moments – great – not the word I wanted, delayed, regardless…

I must have felt I wrote the story of today out because I came across a journal entry from August last year that describes today pretty well.


Great things, small songs, and cascades of happiness abound, there is not much to fear through the silence, yet a small creeping urge to say more comes on.
At the grocery store today, I felt content. I knew what I wanted, and I found it.
Tim Horton’s trip – was successful.

August 20, 2018
Today I went to the grocery store – twice. Mom has a rule that I worry for. It’s true. Be careful what you put into writing, mom says, in proverb. I like to write, but last week, not much got accomplished. Maeve has been around, 6 weeks old now, and she can even hold her own head, her neck and muscle control is improving, as the nearby motorcycle backfires. Marvel is a word I’d use to describe the feeling, but actually that is a

Heather was a bit of a hurtful person today and I wanted to tell but I did not as I sat stewing in my own misery but happy thoughts here and there come rapid through the train of my mind beyond the measure of capital punishment of the criosifuied believer I found a long time ago that I’m not so confident will always be but always will be anyway
The the the the the reason I write to myself is a capital letter beyond the measure of capital G o dog damnit God and happiness through the reason hi help is there a mother time to do this I wonder but I need to get a haircut with the gari clippers behind very far away in a service environment and time cools off the sound in a bit but I am feeling microart will have a reason for the door says heather mind in piece with a reason yes reason is I opened it but literary is not emotion from frustration from Heather’s work on Maeve not being capitalization wordy run on but articulate speaking there is a tremor in the atmosphere and my video was untsken and this unspoken though will be the reason.

Define reason

Reason is a meaning attached to emotion for an event that has taken place beyond our scope of understanding. There are many reasons. Many things that we don’t see when our eyes are crossed and blinded by rage or mercurial temperament.

I have reasons. I have many reasons to show up and disappear. Time is fun.
Time is overpowered.