Last year now

Happy Birthday little one. Somewhere, you are entering the world and you have been gifted with something. Someone, some two. I know you are a giver and a receiver, a Methodist, pragmatist, and theologian. Combined with a faith like no other, a wit that is sharp, curtailed by your feelings of reciprocity, and a divine love, you deserve something greater and equal to the world’s finest offering – the hope you feel and devour from the blessed family, friends and colleagues that you will make as you journey through this temporal statute of animus refinement known as the human entity.
With that said, there are some things you will need and want to pick out from your studies ahead of those that have come before you. Your first love is true and earnest in grace, and your other loves will be cooled by a warmth – the warmth that comes from your experiences and that come from reburdened friendliness – and that yet will not define you. Your goal may seem far away, but yet, you expose and experience it with a fresh and gratuitous poise that is unmatched and elegant beyond the other beings that capture your zealous heart.
I wish you blessings from a place of continuity and distance, because our relation is frought with a perpetual hope and safety that is afforded by our lovely natures; and we will always share common ground in our learning, trust, and modesty. Should you need a face that is stern, a smile that invites, or a clamor of joy… I am here for you.
I send the angel of mercy as a personal sacrifice for the attestation of your life, and I encourage your soul to dispart all the nonsequilous despair you may ever be free from to stay in that state as you enjoy these beautiful and momentous days with your holy family.