Never too much of enough time – and thursday’s paper sunday

Sitting at a café in Mississauga, after enjoying a brief jaunt through the paper’s typical fare I stumbled back to the first page STAR exclusive discussing Richard Wex’s grant of car and driver for what we hope to be business use. And realistically, I thought “Is this article trying to insinuate that he should not be given this bonus?” (like any person somewhat accustomed to the news briefings. The article raised concerns for the Immigration Board, saying that the department is overrun – and likely so… “we need more adjudicators”. However at the same time I see that as the head of Canada’s refugee board, a person would need more resources, namely the one resource we can’t control or accumulate at times. Time.

Now, a manager has a responsibility. They are available for calls, meetings, run committees, launch campaigns, and ultimately make choices when others have not. This takes a certain headspace, and having a car and driver could alleviate some of the menial tasks, the time it takes to travel doesn’t get shorter, and why not give a respected official (if there is a doubt, that’s not my protocol or intent to discuss), why not give a manager and official the means to have time to do the job from the back seat of a vehicle rather than building stress and rage worrying about problems that have been outlined and brewing over them in traffic? Sure, driving a vehicle does release tension too. You could assume that a long drive through the neighbourhood would allow one’s thoughts to wander, and then arrive at both a destination and a solution simultaneously. I am not so confident about this, because high ranking officials have teams, caucus, boards, constituents, stakeholders… they work to keep a balance. This takes emails, calls, and a lot of patience.

Everyone has an opinion, and rightfully myself included. I can see that there is a distribution and lack of funding for asylum seekers. I find I just get worked up myself when we won’t give officials a break when they are doing what I assume to be the best they can. Everyone needs less stress. Less judgement and more resources. Give more people cars, give more driver’s work… or be like me and walk and commute by bus… respite the little, there is fairness, and I hope that Nicholas Keung, Richard Wex and the person who left this paper free on the stand at the café have a pleasant discussion as I find more time too.