It’s only when I’m comfortable that I’m uncomfortable,

My voice disparingly stern,

I sing in lower octave how

I yonder to ever learn.

In time I have tested and made a choice,

I preferred it not this way – I think

Before I knew I had a choice,

I lost it with a wink. Or blink.

Or returning now to louder song,

I wonder if it’s never gone,

We crow the average little guy in,

And here he lie to write a grin?

Lol. Poetry ~ for average little losers, no not, I disagree. I like the verb in common tense, at last I need not pee.


Sure could be

Worse? Perhaps. Toss, tululaugh,

Missed connection, divine invention,

There’s more you can do than bite two~ catch. Fetch it, find the door, renown a jacket with a shoe to the right, miss-stepped, touched, looked, non-blight. Lie for air, breathe, open up,

Quest. Mission of biligerence, undrunk, backwards thought, paying less to lessen more (lesson) what? Turn it, criss cross butter sauce I predict my mind unhint,

What delusion, yours? Framed, it’s bought. I tried, now bitter, will it get done for you in time, my love language… you don’t care to understand, I don’t understand how to care.

Barrier – death – impulsive implicated design. I had no choice, it wasn’t mine – I live in shell – reflected magic~ if only…


Do your worries get preyed upon? If you show weakness, or let down the walls for a second, you have to have your strength there.

Clever, forgive, send

Hey. Maybe I messed up. I do that sometimes. I look for attention too, but you are important.


It’s a strange game, we’ll get the hang of it. Where is the book I’m looking for… transparent?

Maybe it is still being written.


It’s cold out, so it was nice to interview from home. Yet the process was delineated by a certain barking creature…

Made up and make up. I see that there’s two new thoughts here!

Gasp. Dark. A whispering shout in the black, remaining for hours. Should it answer, it comprehends it. A question with a small answer, belief without a border. There’s a puzzle.

I see an atom. Three pronged, with a centre.

Doom at the centre, faith, hope, and grace all connected. Coincidence, or not? Image, picture, it’s a modest optimism really. Nice home. Clamorous mystery. I see light now. A wave. Particular? Science changes fast, you know. Rhythm too.